Sensuality, beauty, class, creativity, colors or black and white, lingerie, hosiery, expressions and pose. It sums up what I’m looking for, when I try to find the good photos and clips. Implied and hints – without being to flagrant and explicit, and end up being vulgar. It’s an art. You can have the expensive equipment and the prettiest model – but the photos may turn out cheap. It’s a difficult work of art; it’s easy to come out totally wrong.

That’s why I admire and have respect for the people who make those wonderful photos. The photos you just have to stop by and enjoy. I see them at the professional photographers and in the glossy magazines. But I also see them among the amateurs and hobby photographers. Amateurs who maybe are their own models. Talent and creativity. And beauty. It’s out there all the time. I try to catch this moments and pictures in this blog. Those I come by. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly receive a mail or message from me, where I ask to use your photo – in a polite way.

I find a lot of inspiration in vintage photos from every decade – the last hundred years. The glamour photos of movie starlets, is always fun to explore. The models were pretty in the 30s and 40s, as they are today. There was provocative and skilled photographer before, who definitely inspire talents of today. We have Helmut Newton, Eve Arnold, Nobuyoshi Araki and Elmer Batters of yesterday – and Ellen von Unwerth, Steven Meisel and Bettina Reims of today – just to mention a few.

We catch a moment in our time by shooting a picture, and even the failed photos may be of value for the people after us. You never know.