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Zooey Deschanel

I saw the movie Winter Passing a couple of days ago, and the main character in this movie was played by Zooey Deschanel. Born January 17, 1980 – a beautiful and multi-talented girl.… Continue reading

Audrey Tautou

This is Audrey Tautou – definately a girl who should be photographed more often. Cute and talented, my favorite no 1 among female actresses. Sweet and funny in comedies like Le fabuleux destin… Continue reading

Vanessa le Beautiful

Another sexy and sophisticated member of the French population. Singer, actress and model. Vanessa Chantal Paradis – born December 22, 1972. Became a child star at the age of 14 with the worldwide… Continue reading

A Sexy Italian Comedienne

Debora Caprioglio is an Italian actress – born May 3, 1968 – famous from some erotic comedies in the early 90’ies (Paprika, Spiando Marina) and several TV series in the later years. She… Continue reading

The Skippy Girl

Do you remember the female representant in the main cast of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? Clarissa “Clancy” Merrick was the beautiful girl, who came from England and stayed with the boys in the… Continue reading

Paz Vega

Paz Vega – born in wonderfurl Sevilla on January 2, 1976 – got her breakthrough with her leading role in Sex and Lucia ( a fantastic movie). Let’s hope that she stays in… Continue reading

Talented and Beautiful

Marion Cottilard is maybe the number one French acting star these days. Her latest movie – Les petits mouchoirs – is out in the cinemas now. Born in 1975 in Caen (35 years… Continue reading

The Elegante Faye Dunaway

Always classy looking and a fantastic actress. Faye Dunaway in a serie of photos from the 60’ies and 70’ies. Will always be connected to movies like Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown  and the Thomas… Continue reading

A Girl from the Swinging 60’ies

Marianne Faithful is one of the faces from the swinging 60’ies. Singer, songwriter and actress. High profiled reationship with Mick Jagger from 1966 to 1970. Struggling with drug abuse in the 1970’s. Talented… Continue reading

Laetita Casta – European Beauty

Related to an earlier post about the icon Brigitte Bardot – here is Laetita Casta – casting as Brigitte Bardot in the movie Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque (2010). Born in 1978 (May 11)… Continue reading

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