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Hysterical Project

  Clayton Cubitt’s Hysterical Literature erotic YouTube series has been out there for a few months.  You can see the sessions on You Tube here. Cubitt’s erotic YouTube series pairs women with their… Continue reading

Mala in Malaland

Here is a little update on Mala Mastoberte – an amazing artist with many talents. See related post on her in this blog last January. Mala is her own model, a self-taught photographer,… Continue reading

Symba Meszaros

This is Symba Meszaros. Symba is originally Hungarian, but today she is living in Milan, Italy. Symba is a sexy painter (sexy pittrice) – and you can see some of her work in… Continue reading

Alys the Ballerina

Well-trained and elegant ballerinas are some of the finest motives a photographer can work with. The Ballerina Project is a website that deals with exactly this; Taking photos of some beautiful and posing… Continue reading

Dashas Kingdom

Here is a model we seen in here before. Dasha – see related post – is an amazingly beautiful girl. Here is a link to her website Dahsas Kingdom – and you should… Continue reading

Pin Up Candy is back

Here is beautiful and elegant Pin Up Candy from Poland. She gives us here a little update on what she is up to, and a little about the story behind her sensual performances.… Continue reading


SilyA or Silje Nymoen (34) is a beautiful firecracker of an artist from Oslo, Norway. She is a singer and a songwriter. She started out as a lead singer in the hip hop… Continue reading

Mylene Farmer

This sexy and talented artist from France has sold over 30 million albums. Mylene Farmer is 50 years old, and is one of the most selling artists ever in France. In this video –… Continue reading

FEMEN in Germany

Femen action against prostitution in Hamburg, and comparisons with the Nazi regime – causes reactions. Many people, who have supported Femen in their actions against prostitution and women rights earlier, feel that the… Continue reading

Strong means against animal testing

We like beautiful activists in this blog – as long as the course is something we support (of course).  The animal rights activists Jacqueline Traide was restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in… Continue reading

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