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Sexy Street Fashion

Here is a few snapshots og some well dressed and beautiful women – on the streets in uban areas in Asian and Europe.

Dark Atmosphere

Dark but beautiful. Simple and sensual.  (Eero Kivikas, Photosight) 

A Sexy Italian Comedienne

Debora Caprioglio is an Italian actress – born May 3, 1968 – famous from some erotic comedies in the early 90’ies (Paprika, Spiando Marina) and several TV series in the later years. She… Continue reading


Oda Berby is a young and talented freelance photographer – based in Oslo. Her photo is often published in Norwegian and international magazines. Here is a sensual and exciting sample from her portfolio.… Continue reading


Portrait of a typical cabaret dancer in Hamburg, Germany in the 1920’s. The happy and libeal years before the naziparty took over.

Paz Vega

Paz Vega – born in wonderfurl Sevilla on January 2, 1976 – got her breakthrough with her leading role in Sex and Lucia ( a fantastic movie). Let’s hope that she stays in… Continue reading

Sensual Drive

Hitch hiking in Russia seems to be an exciting affair. Sensual moment from Andrew Stanko

Timeless Candy

Here is a cute and fresh photo, almost timeless with some influence from pinup and glamour photos from the 50’s and 60’s. It’s great when young photographers and models reflects photo art from… Continue reading

Street Art in Madrid

This relaxed and beutiful girl is taken from a travelling reportage in a Norwegian newspaper. The girls name is Palouma Aubel Fernandez Chiralt. She is performing an art-project in the crowd of tourists in Madrid –… Continue reading

Portrait from Romania

I came across this wonderful photo from Elena Racu – a young photographer in Romania. I like the composition, the colours, the sharp look in the beautiful models eyes and her simple black… Continue reading

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