I see some comments and receive some e-mails occasionally that criticize this blog for publishing photos of models, who is working (or has been working) as models / actors in the adult business.

Let me just say that I try to present every model in here with respect, and that I don’t have any problems showing beautiful photos of a politician, dentist, teacher, fire woman – or a porn actress for that matter. As long as you’re not a murder or the sister of Bashar al-Assad – or something – you are welcome to be in this blog.

I like to talk and communicate with all sorts of people in this world, and I have no prejudice against anyone. I don’t think you should have either. If you don’t like how the beautiful girls are presented in here – fine, just leave the site without being a drama queen. It is as simple as that.

The models work within their own boundaries – and as long as they are adults and doing it of their own free will – we should respect that without being judgmental. I don’t care what your opinion about this blog is in general, but no model or artist shall receive any disrespect or harassment in here!

 So people – show respect and behave.