Delta of Venus – Anaïs Nin

Delta of Venus is a collection of short stories by Anaïs Nin. The stories were written in the 1940s for a private client, who paid Nin along with other writers like Henry Miller – to produce erotic stories for his own use and collection. He called himself “the Collector”, and when we see how famous these writers and novels became; it sounded like a smart move. 

What she remembered most hauntingly was an evening with a man she had not at first responded to, and then, just as he was leaving her studio, he had pressed her hard against a wall, lifted one of her legs, and pushed into her. The strange part is that at the time she had not felt anything, but afterwards, every time she remembered this picture, she grew hot and restless. Her legs would relax, she would have given anything to feel again that big body pressing against her, pinning her to the wall, leaving her no escape, then taking her.

From “Marianne” – Delta of Venus (Anais Nin)

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