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This is Whendy from Beijing. She is 23 years old and a really gorgeous girl from the capital of China. Whendy is eager to work with different photographers, and get most experience and… Continue reading

Chris Zhang

Here is another wonderful model from China. Chris Zhang is 28 years old and she comes from Nanning.  Nanning is the capital city in the Guangxi region in the south of China, close… Continue reading

Chen Wei

Shanghai is an enormous city with a population of over 23 million (2010), and the largest city by population in China. Shanghai is one of the main industrial centers of China, playing a… Continue reading

Paola B

Meet Paola from Shanghai, China. She is 34 years old and originally from the UK, but has now lived in Shanghai for the last two years. She works as a teacher trainer, and she… Continue reading

Ming Boldo

Ming Boldo is 23 years old, and a mixed Chinese- Filipina-Spanish model – based in Hong Kong. She has been modeling (freelance) for 5 years. She is not a full time model. Ming has… Continue reading

Ender Lee

Ender Lee is a 24 years old half Chinese and half American beauty, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon), Vietnam. She is a well educated girl with a college degree from the… Continue reading

Black Frog Studio

Black Frog Studio in Shanghai is run by a Canadian photographer. Phil tells me that he’s originally from Montreal but has lived and worked in Shanghai the last eight and a half years.… Continue reading


Serena Tang is 27 years old and from China, but have lived the last 3-4 years in Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada. She is is a full time student, but has been… Continue reading

Qin Meng Qing

Qin Meng Qing is a 23 year old model from the Jilin Province in China. She is also an actress and dancing coach. She has a university degree from Beijing University, and she… Continue reading

Fang Wen

  Fang Wen is a Chinese model. She is 23 years old and working in Beijing. She is a part-time model, and she is very interested in photography. Its fun to see and… Continue reading

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