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Meet beautiful and exotic ModelDK or Danika Flores from Cebu, Philippines. Danika is 27 years old, and she is based in Paris and in the Netherlands. Danika is a full time professional model… Continue reading


Here is a sensual and beautiful model from Manila, Philippines. Iane Bueno is 24 years old, and she has been doing freelance modeling for 2 years. I let Iane describe herself: “I have… Continue reading

Dee Jhane

Here is a beautiful model from Taal, Batangas Philippines – now based in Manila. Dee Jhane Casor is 25 years old and freelance model. She like to work both local and international, if… Continue reading

Death of a Model – Part II

Here is another sad story about a young models tragedy. In Quezon City, Philippines Julie Ann Rodelas (20) was found killed and dumped in the street from a car. The beautiful model and… Continue reading

Janine Pooner

Here is Janine Pooner – 19 years old – from Manila, Philippines. Beautiful Janine is a full time model, and she has been modeling since she was in grade school. Janine does VTR… Continue reading

Nizel Cayanga

Here is the exotic beauty Nizel Cayanga from the Philippines. Nizel is 28 years old, originally from Cabanatuan City – now living in Manila. Nizel is a part time and freelance model. Her… Continue reading

Mercedes Cabral

I first discovered this beautiful actress from the Philippines, when I watched a strong movie called Kinatay (2009). Mercedes Cabral had a role in this movie that had a realistic and unpleasant atmosphere,… Continue reading

Cristina Raines

I watched an old Kojak episode yesterday, and there was a beautiful actress I can’t remember notied before. Cristina Raines (turned 60 this year) – born Tina Herazo 1952 in Manila, Philippines –  had… Continue reading

Ming Boldo

Ming Boldo is 23 years old, and a mixed Chinese- Filipina-Spanish model – based in Hong Kong. She has been modeling (freelance) for 5 years. She is not a full time model. Ming has… Continue reading


  This is Claire, a 19 years old beauty from Manila, Philippines. She has been modeling for about a year, and she like to get more experience and learn more about the profession.… Continue reading

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