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Dae Daniels

This is the gorgeous Dae Daniels – 24 years old – from Los Angeles, California. Dae tells us that she has been modelling since her childhood and she is still totally passionate about… Continue reading

Sheri Miller

This is 21 years old Sheri Miller from Virginia, USA. Sheri is a beautiful part time model – but she has a lot of experience already, and considers herself to be professional in… Continue reading

Luana Lani

Here is a reposting of an interview I did with beautiful Luana Lani in a former blog a few years back. Luana confirms that I can use it, and she is still modeling… Continue reading

Yvonne Romain

Time for a starlet from the silver screen again. Yvonne Romain (74 years old today) was born in London in 1938. She started her career in British films in her late teens, and… Continue reading

Vivian Ireene Pierce

Here‘s another American beauty. Vivian Ireene Pierce is 32 years old and from Fayetteville, North Carolina, US. Vivian is an experienced model, and she has worked with photographers from Europe and all over… Continue reading

Paige Kelly

Paige Kelly is 29 years old and from Albuquerque, New Mexico, US. She describes herself as a creative, imaginative and intelligent model. And she is fun and easy to work with. She is… Continue reading

Karol Viviana

I end this week with a beautiful American model from New Jersey. Karol Viviana Rodriguez is 21 years old and looking for more photo shoots. See more of Karol Viviana at her model… Continue reading

Paz de la Huerta in Smoda

If you have seen the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, then you will recognize this beautiful actress. Paz de la Huerta (Lucy Danziger in Boardwalk Empire). Here is the American actress in some wonderful… Continue reading

Cristina Raines

I watched an old Kojak episode yesterday, and there was a beautiful actress I can’t remember notied before. Cristina Raines (turned 60 this year) – born Tina Herazo 1952 in Manila, Philippines –  had… Continue reading

Ruby Slipper

  This fresh and beautiful model goes by the artist name Ruby Slipper. Ruby is 25 years old and from Woodstock , New York – and she describes herself as a professional art… Continue reading

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